Once upon a time...not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow...

That's a line from Slick Ricks Bedtime Stories in case you did not know.  Yep,  love music and Whiskey! 

Whaddup? Hope you are good and have a glass of whiskey in your hand or in reaching distance. 

I am Lisa and it's great to meet you. I have been drinking "brown" for roughly about 30 years (and yes I was of the legal drinking age). I am also an African American Woman. So yeah the "Brown" has dual meaning for me. 

Like many people my first introduction to whiskey came from Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. A female friend of mine at the time drank it regularly.  I was not quite sure to think of her after I found that out. We were cool and all but here was my friend drinking Jack neat and enjoying it. I think I was a little shook because I thought the only people that drank whiskey were the people in the Westerns that my Mother watched when I was a kid. No shade to Miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon on Gunsmoke.  None to all the bad guys that got a bottle busted over their heads in the saloon fights either. Poor whiskey, what a waste! 

I was never big on cocktails or the fruity drinks. Gin made me sick and I was un-impressed with the white liquors. Nothing against them except Gin (which I still can't stomach). Gin you are NOT my friend. Especially you Bumpy Head! So I gave old "Jack" a go right there at my friends kitchen table. I have been "down with brown" ever since! I heard that good girls are made of sugar and spice - well I am made of Whiskey and ice! I got a shirt that says so, so it must be true. Of course, I also have a shirt that says "Surely, not everyone was Kung Fu Fighting" but is that true? The song clearly says EVERYBODY was Kung Fu Fighting. Okay, I kinda got off track there...

My favorite of the "browns" is Bourbon. I love a good bourbon and have tried many. Bourbon even put me in the mind of giving cocktails a try again and I have found some recipes that I really like. I define "good" as anything I enjoy and you should do the same. If you like it, it's good - Period. 

I was so intrigued with Bourbon and Whiskey that I decided to put in some study and research. Research meaning I raised a glass or two or five AND become a Certified Bourbon Steward through Stave and Thief Society. I then pressed onward with the education and am now an Executive Bourbon Steward. 

My goal here is to provide a little education, information, a recipe or two, some fun and help you in toasting to Life! There is much to be grateful for both inside a good glass of whiskey and outside of it. Let's experience as much of both as we can! 

Cheers to being down with Brown!